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Wednesday, August 18th – Guest: Dale Graff

Dale Graff – The Art of Dreaming

Dale Graff will discuss his research including remote viewing, ESP, precognitive dreaming, synchronicity, and psi as a natural and holistic aspect of our subconscious mind.


Dale E. Graff is a retired aerospace engineer/physicist who worked for the intelligence community at the Air Force Foreign Technology Division and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). Key assignments were Chief of the Advanced Concepts Office, a Chief/Director of the Stargate remote viewing unit at Ft. Meade, MD, and contract manager for remote viewing research at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). He coined the term “Stargate” to represent an innovative effort for expanding human potential. Currently he facilitates seminars, workshops and pursues independent research on psi phenomena, including ESP, remote viewing and precognitive dreaming.
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River Dreams

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