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Friday, April 30th – Guest: Paul Ascough

Paul Ascough – Strange Encounters

Paul Ascough will discuss a multitude of subjects from UFO abductions to the paranormal including his own personal experiences. He will talk about how these strange encounters can overlap and intrude into our daily lives.


Paul Ascough lived in Yorkshire all his life and attended college as a Nurse Cadet with a SRN training, then an Occupational Nurse for the National Coal Board. He joined the British Army as an infantry medic, rising to the dizzy heights of Staff Sergeant and seeing service in many countries, both as a regular soldier and in the Territorial Army. He was also a Paramedic in ‘God’s own country’ of Yorkshire until his recent retirement. Paul is currently an author and has been an investigator in the phenomenon of UFOs and the paranormal for over 50 years.


UFOs: The Real Story  

Paul Ascough’s Facebook page “It’s the Real Story”


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