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Monday, June 28th – Guest: Lana Brock

Lana Brock – Growing Up in a Haunted House

Lana Brock discusses her perspectives on demonology and the paranormal after growing up in a demonically infested home.


Lana Brock is a State Licensed Pharmacy Technician who spends her spare time studying, reading and writing about the paranormal. She has joined ventures with Carl L. Johnson, friend and partner in the creation of the book Shadow Realms: Demonology Handbook. She is a strong believer in the paranormal and has had firsthand experience with witnessing demonic and paranormal activity personally and while working in the field of paranormal investigating. She also has a Biblical Survey & Theology Certificate from Faith Bible Institute out of Monroe, Louisiana. She studied angelology, demonology, Theology of God, Christ, Satan and Angels as well as completed other studies in folklore, mythology and religions of many cultures, ancient aliens, ufology, and some cryptozoology.

Lana wrote the story synopsis and outline for Growing Up in a Haunted House as testament of my family’s experiences of a haunting with a demonic nature. This was produced by Syfy Channel’s Paranormal Witness. Mark Lewis was producer of this Raw Television episode titled “Deliver Us from Evil.”


Shadow Realms: Demonology Handbook


Demonology, Incorporated


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