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Wednesday, May 12th – Guest: Victor Camacho

Victor Camacho – Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden Origin of Man

Victor Camacho will discuss how he discovered stone artifacts with prints of extraterrestrial beings, with a previously untold story of the possible origin of man, in an old stone library of a civilization that could come from the stars.


Victor Camacho is a researcher and host of the radio program Los Desvelados, which airs nationally in United States and Mexico. He has collaborated with Televisa, Azteca and Imagen in Mexico where he shows a weekly investigation in the United States, Mexico and other countries. He has participated in special programs about UFOs on networks and shows such as the Discovery Channel, History Channel’s UFO Hunters, Fact or Faked on SyFy Channel and Travel Channel.

He born in Mexico, and has been working in the media for 33 years in the United States. He studied Communication at Weber State University in Utah.  He is the director of the “Desvelado Network” based in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it produces the program Los Desvelados that has been broadcast for 25 years and where every night, he has spoken about UFO issues, the paranormal, forbidden archeology, conspiracies and other realities. This unique program for the Hispanic community in the United States has managed to captivate the attention of the public in 25 cities in the U.S. and Mexico.






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