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Thursday, June 24th – Guest: Scott Creighton

Scott Creighton – The Great Pyramid Void Enigma

Scott Creighton joins us to discuss the “Big Void” recently discovered inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, something that was part of Egyptian mythology but largely ignored by Egyptologists – until now.


Scott Creighton is a communication network engineer with a lifelong passion for ancient Egypt. For almost two decades, Creighton has immersed himself into intense research in an attempt to make sense of the many mysteries of this most ancient civilization. His many articles, books, radio and TV appearances have brought an entirely new perspective and understanding of our ancient past and, simultaneously, presented orthodox Egyptology with some considerable challenges to its own narrative. He lives with his wife Louise and two teenage children in Glasgow, Scotland.


The Great Pyramid Void Enigma

The Giza Prophecy

The Secret Chamber of Osiris

The Great Pyramid Hoax



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