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Monday, May 3rd – Guest: Glenn Kreisberg

Glenn Kreisberg – The Secrets of Megalithic America

Glenn Kreisberg has led a ground-breaking study of ceremonial stone landscapes in Northeast America and their relationship to other sites around the world, analyzing the archaeoastronomy, archaeoacoustics, and symbolism of these sites to reveal their relationships to other ceremonial stone sites across America and the world.


Glenn Kreisberg is an author, outdoor guide, and radio engineer who researches archaeoastronomy and landscape archaeology in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains of New York. His books include Mysteries of the Ancient Past, Lost Knowledge of the Ancients, and Spirits in Stone. He served two terms as vice president of the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) and studied archaeoastronomy at SUNY and archaeoacoustics on Malta. He is co-founder of the non-profit Overlook Mountain Center in Woodstock, NY, where he lives with his wife and two teenage children.


Lost Knowledge of the Ancients

Mysteries of the Ancient Past

Spirits in Stone: The Secrets of Megalithic America


Overlook Mountain Center

New England Antiquities Research Association


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Amy On The Radio

Amy On The Radio – Wednesday, August 12th – Ben Kamphaus (PATTERNSHIFT)


Benjamin Kamphaus is a science fiction author, music producer, and software engineer living in the Front Range of Colorado. He has a PhD in Geography from SUNY Buffalo, completed with an interdisciplinary focus that ranged from archaeology to artificial intelligence. His early professional career was situated at the intersection of the space, earth, social, and information sciences. He currently splits his time between family, software, AI, the outdoors, judo, philosophy of mind, and his creative pursuits, which include his electronic music project PatternShift. As PatternShift, he composes synthesizer music set in the same worlds as his fiction. When not in Colorado, he can be found traveling the world in search of a good cup of coffee.


PatternShift is the cinematic synthwave project of science fiction author Benjamin Kamphaus. His music is instrumental, evocative, and expansive, interweaving elements of dark and space ambient with retrowave drive. When not writing and producing music, he can be found slinging code, sailing the solar wind, or hiding out at one of his favorite haunts, Oneiri Station, in the Vaskania system.


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Guests Midnight Society

Tuesday, April 28th – Guest: Piotr Bienkowski

Piotr Bienkowski – Searching for Immortality

Piotr Bienkowski will discuss his research about the varying historical and contemporary cultural beliefs of immortality, including the Western, Eastern and Animist traditions.


Piotr Bienkowski‘s disciplinary background is as an archaeologist and museum curator. He has been Professor of Archaeology and Museology at the University of Manchester, Director of Manchester Museum, Chair of the North West Federation of Museums and Galleries, and before that Head of Antiquities at National Museums Liverpool. For many years, he was editor of Levant, the journal of the Council for British Research in the Levant, and editor of the British Academy Monographs in Archaeology series.


Where Airy Voices Lead

Umm al-Biyara: Excavations by Crystal-M. Bennett in Petra

Crossing the Rift: Resources, Settlements Patterns and Interaction in the Wadi Arabah

Early Edom and Moab



Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, April 9th – Guest: Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo – Ancient Future Technology & Physics

Adam Apollo will be discussing his research of how our history and archeological stories of the Dynastic periods of Egypt are missing vital observations and data. He believes these time periods, although very old, are not the actual ancient origins of most of the stone architecture and resonating structures found all over Egypt. The narrative of historical timelines have been skewed by common archeological belief and storytelling, most of which has failed to clearly understand and observe the actual evidence in these sites.


Adam Apollo has been a physicist, systems architect, designer and developer for nearly 20 years, founding several education and technology oriented companies and organizations, as well as producing hundreds of websites and works across data sovereignty, decentralization and cryptocurrency. He has been a featured speaker on future technology and unified physics at the White House, the United Nations, and at conferences around the world. As founder and CEO of Superluminal Systems, he built the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics, writing the college level Modern Physics module exploring physics history from Descartes to Planck.

As a child, Adam Apollo had several encounters with extraterrestrial starships. Since awakening at 15 years, Adam dedicated himself to extensive studies in symbolic geometry, past-life recall, sanskaric healing, Taoist alchemy, martial arts, energy therapies, occult magic, and many diverse ancient and modern spiritual traditions and practices. He has had countless contact experiences, organized CSETI and ECETI events, called and connected with hundreds of Starship crews, and developed a comprehensive knowledge of many species who have interacted with humanity over many millennia.


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