Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, November 26th – Guests: Darcy Lee, Geoffrey Campbell

Darcy Lee and Geoffrey Cambell – Plymouth’s Haunted History

Guests Midnight Society

Wednesday, November 25th – Guest: Bernie Taylor

Bernie Taylor – Before Orion

Guests Midnight Society

Tuesday, November 24th – Guest: Dr. Stephen Braude

Dr. Stephen Braude – Parapsychological Investigations

Guests Midnight Society

Monday, November 23rd – Guest: Bill Sweet

Bill Sweet – The Spindrift Files

Haunted Librarian

Haunted Librarian – Thursday, November 19th – Guest Kenny Biddle

The Haunted Librarian now airing with a brand new program at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central LIVE on Midnight.FM!

Show Description:

Kenny Biddle is a science enthusiast who takes a closer look at claims involving paranormal experiences, equipment people use to search strange things, and the evidence presented for ghosts, UFOs, and cryptids. He promotes critical thinking and science.

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Guests Midnight Society

Friday, November 20th – Guest: Dr. Bruce Cornet

Dr. Bruce Cornet – UFO Hotspots

Amy On The Radio

Amy On The Radio – Wednesday, November 18th – Guest Travis Walton


Travis Walton

Driving home after a day of clearing underbrush in the Sitgreaves National Forest, seven loggers came upon a 40-foot wide shiny disc hovering on the crest of a ridge. As if spellbound, one of these loggers, Travis Walton, jumped from the passenger side of their work truck and ran toward the craft for a closer look. That decision on November 5, 1975 would change these men forever.

Travis’ story became a book and movie called, “Fire in the Sky” (1993). The Paramount Pictures feature film enhanced his “close encounter of the third kind,” (a term coined by ufologist J. Allen Hynek denoting human observations of actual aliens or “animate beings”).

: The True Story of Travis Walton, recounts the experiences of the work crew that day in the forest and the weeks that followed this incident. Travis and the rest of the crew struggled to make sense of the event, enduring humiliation and job losses. Travis has encountered lifelong ridicule regarding his experiences.

The Travis Walton UFO story remains one of the most well documented stories of its kind of all time.

Guests Midnight Society

Thursday, November 19th – Guest: Preston Dennett

Preston Dennett – UFOs at the Drive-In

Guests Midnight Society

Wednesday, November 18th – Guest: Darren Evans

Darren Evans – The Zozo Phenomenon

Eerie Earth Show

EERIE EARTH with Kieran Begg – Episode 10 – “Tales of the Underground Part 2”

EERIE EARTH with Kieran Begg  airs Mondays at 8:30 PM Central/1:30 AM GMT only on Midnight.FM

Episode 10 – “Tales of the Underground Part 2”

Join Kieran for the conclusion of “Tales of the Underground” as he guides you down deep below the streets of London to tell three original stories based on true accounts of the ghosts that plague the many stations and platforms in the warren of tunnels beneath the bustling metropolis.


Kieran Begg is a writer and the host of the UK late night radio show, “Eerie Earth”. Investigating the paranormal since 2007, Kieran’s fright and fascination in the field spans for most of his life since childhood, as his father would regale him with tales of intrigue from his haunted drama studio, with the shenanigans of a pesky poltergeist.

Getting his start in the field in 2007 while studying in college for television production, as he wrote his first documentary script about ghost stories of Aberdeen, he was invited to join a local paranormal group where he spent two years investigating locations around Scotland.

After moving to Bristol, he started his own paranormal group, “Torchlight Paranormal,” investigating some of the most haunted locations around the South West of England, including the infamous Ancient Ram Inn.

From Ghosts and Spirits, to Ufology and Cryptozoology, Folklore and Dark Tales that plague some of the most haunted cities in the world, “Eerie Earth” takes you on a journey discussing everything in the field. Join us in examining this wonderful and fascinating “Eerie Earth”, Mondays at 8:30 PM Central/2:30 AM GMT on Midnight.FM

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