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Friday, August 19th – Guest: Charles Lear

Charles Lear – The History of Flying Saucers

June 24 was the 75th anniversary of “flying saucers.” It was on that date in 1947 that Kenneth Arnold’s historic sighting put the term “flying saucer” into the public domain and UFO investigation soon followed with UFO groups and individuals looking for answers to these enigmatic sightings.

Charles Lear joins us to discuss his research of all the people involved in the mystery of the flying saucers, including some of the most fascinating cases from investigators and the witnesses – some of whom were profoundly affected.


Charles Lear has many interests, of which UFOs take up more than a little of his time. His main interests in the UFO subject are in the documented history the phenomenon has spawned and the people who investigate it, as his book reflects. Charles’ other interests are geology and paleontology and his familiarity with science and its disciplines informs his approach to the UFO subject. Charles has lived most of his life in New York City, where he makes his living as a union stagehand and is involved in other aspects of theatre as a playwright, producer, director and Shakespearean actor.


The Flying Saucer Investigators


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