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Wednesday, July 14th – Guest: Justin Bamforth

Justin Bamforth – Encounters with the Strange

Justin Bamforth shares examples of high strangeness that run the gamut from the paranormal to ufology, encounters with non-human entities and the Men in Black, time slips, and doppelgängers, as well as the interconnectedness that these phenomena share.


Justin Bamforth has been exploring various avenues of high strangeness and its interconnectedness—from the paranormal to UFOs, the Men in Black, bizarre mental phenomena, and everything in between for almost two decades. His international, best-selling book The Spectrum: Glimpses of the Paranormal and Encounters with the Strange looks at the often-overlooked aspects of these events through various case studies and his own personal experiences. Justin frequently lectures on this subject, collaborates with other investigators on cases, and consults with people worldwide to better understand whatever it is we’re dealing with. As a creative professional by trade, he spends most of his nine-to-five in the equally bizarre world of advertising and marketing. But he can also be found moonlighting at Normal Paranormal – a website where he writes articles on the subject, offers different perspectives, and encourages people to share their own experiences with him.


The Spectrum: Glimpses of the Paranormal and Encounters with the Strange


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