FrightDay – Tuesday May 3rd – Episode 278: The Unholy / Miracle of the Sun

“What goes bump in the night? Whether it’s Bigfoot, a ghost, or Patrick Bateman, the FRIGHTDAY crew, armed with their EVP recorder and flashlights, will investigate. When Sam, Byron, and Captain Kelly aren’t investigating cryptids, aliens, hauntings, and serial killers, they have lighthearted discussions with film lovers and makers, and review current and classic horror films.”

Episode 278: The Unholy / Miracle of the Sun

This week we went somewhere we haven’t for a very, very long time, talk holy visions seen by children in the early 1900s. & journalistic integrity, Boston accents, and the Jeffrey Dean Morgan effect, as we review Evan Spiliotopoulos’s, “The Unholy”.

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Change My Mind Pod

CHANGE MY MIND PODCAST – Monday, May 3rd – Episode #115 – The Falcon and the Winter Solder Exit Survey

Episode #115 – The Falcon and the Winter Solder Exit Survey

In Episode 115, Wesley Sykes and Nick Friar discuss the second entry of the Disney+ MCU shows, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. Did we like this show? Who won the series? What will age the worst?

But before that, they talk Mortal Kombat; Marvel/Netflix actors coming to the MCU?; 2-Year Anniversary of Avengers: Endgame, and more! Nick has you covered with all the latest trades and issues with his Comic Book Minute. They close the show with the Discharge Depot.

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About The Show

Wesley Sykes & Nick Friar are friends who have a lot of the same interests. Except they have two very different points of view on things like movies, TV, and comics.

Change My Mind is a debate-format podcast dedicated to the things we love one argument at a time.

CHANGE MY MIND podcast airs with new episodes every Monday at 10 PM Pacific (1 AM Eastern / Midnight Central / 11 PM Mountain) on Midnight.FM!



Into The Fray

Into The Fray – Thursday May 6th – Episode 289: GNOMES UNDER THE BRIDGE

Into the Fray with Shannon LeGro now airing at 1AM Eastern/12AM Central/10PM Pacific, Thursdays on Midnight.FM!

Show Description

Something very small and strange lurks under a bridge in Michigan…

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The Dark Fog

THE DARK FOG – Sunday May 2nd – Episode 1 debuts on MidnightFM!

THE DARK FOG with The Dark Voice presents classic TWISTED TALES OF TERROR!

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Weird Tales Show

Weird Tales with Charles Christian – Sunday, May 2nd – Episode 161: Is America a Masonic Democracy?

WEIRD TALES WITH CHARLES CHRISTIAN now airing at 4PM Eastern/3PM Central/1PM Pacific, Sundays on Midnight.FM!

In this week’s Weird Tales Radio Show our guest is American writer, historian, antiquarian & mystic Robert W. Sullivan talking about Freemasonry, its symbolism, impact on popular cinema & whether the United States is a Masonic democracy? On a lighter note we also have good news for anyone cornered by a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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Military X-Files

Military X-Files – Saturday, May 1 – “You Are Wise to Fear The Mosquito”

“You Are Wise to Fear The Mosquito”

Coco sits in for Mack & Juan-Juan and talks to the “Mad Englishmen” responsible for re-building one of the legendary Mosquito attack planes from World War Two. (“Made of wood, two Rolls Royce engines, so fast, it could out run the bullets.”)

Also, Switchblade Steve reports on a Mosquito-UFO encounter discussed by Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower.

Special guests include John Lilley, Bill Ramsey & Ross Sharp.

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