Wednesday, December 16th – Guest: Kitty Jost-Janusz

Kitty Jost-Janusz – Secrets Buried in the Lemon Grove

Growing up in a haunted home and with over 20 years experience studying the paranormal field, Kitty Jost-Janusz shares true experiences from her paranormal investigations. Kitty explains the theories behind why the departed may remain and the different types of hauntings.


Kitty Jost-Janusz was born and continues to live in Whittier, California. Although her parents were the original owners of her childhood home, the house was very active with paranormal activity. Objects moving on their own, audible footsteps, and coming home to have all the water in the house running were almost daily occurrences. As a result, Kitty grew up more curious about spirit activity rather than feeling afraid.

As an adult, Kitty began researching historic locations and conducting scientific paranormal investigations. It was this time during her early investigations she realized she had a gift for capturing what are known as EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena. It seems she was able to capture spirit voices through the use of digital recorders during every investigation.

Many of these EVPs were pleas for help. Kitty realized she needed to use her gifts as a psychic medium to help her communicate more directly with spirits. Kitty is clairaudient, clairgustant, clairsentient, as well as a medium to connect to departed loved ones. Kitty is able to bring messages from the other side and communicate the client’s messages to them. She uses these gifts to guide lost souls to Light and let them know they are not alone.

Her skills in Reiki allows her to heal on both sides of the veil. When a soul is not at peace, Reiki transcends time and space and can bring peace and closure to the dead and loved ones alike. It’s a powerful tool for psychics and paranormal investigators.

Kitty is the founder of Into the Light Paranormal. Her group brings other investigators as well as just the curious to active historic locations, giving them a unique history of the location and showing folks how to conduct an investigation with respect and an open, yet scientific mindset.

Kitty also hosts a weekly radio show, Into the Light Paranormal Radio, interviewing psychics, authors, investigators, cryptozoologists, and other interesting guests.


When the Dead Speak: The Art and Science of Paranormal Investigation

Secrets Buried in the Lemon Grove




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