FrightDay – Tuesday September 8th – (REPLAY – EPISODE #257 SPREE/CURSED CARS)

“What goes bump in the night? Whether it’s Bigfoot, a ghost, or Patrick Bateman, the FRIGHTDAY crew, armed with their EVP recorder and flashlights, will investigate. When Sam, Byron, and Captain Kelly aren’t investigating cryptids, aliens, hauntings, and serial killers, they have lighthearted discussions with film lovers and makers, and review current and classic horror films.”

Episode 257:

“Spree/Cursed Cars”

This week we started a cult, break down some stories of unlucky automobiles, & talk dangers of ride sharing, as we review Eugene Kotlyarenko’s stream horror, Spree.

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Amy On The Radio

Amy On The Radio – Wednesday, September 9th – Jeremy Puma (Liminal Earth)


Jeremy Puma is the co-founder of Liminal Earth (, a crowdsourced map of the weird, wonderful, and paranormal. A resident of occupied Duwamish territory in Seattle, Washington, he spent his formative years in the strange pine scrubs and salt water marshes of North Florida.

After more than a decade immersed in the world of Gnostic studies, Jeremy began writing extensively on the philosophy of participatory ecology on the now-shuttered Invironment (, one of the premiere online environmental publications on

A certified Holistic Landscape Designer and foraging instructor, he is primarily interested in exploring the intersection between the anomalous and the natural world. 
SITE – Liminal.Earth

Haunted Librarian

Haunted Librarian – Thursday, September 10th – Christy Parrish from the Oliver House

The Haunted Librarian now airing with a brand new program at 9PM Eastern/8PM Central LIVE on Midnight.FM!

Show Description:

Christy Parrish joins Lesia to discuss the incredible rebirth of the historic Oliver House, and how it was turned into a paranormal investigation venue—- all with the town’s blessing. The evidence is amazing and exciting. Get ready to plan your road trip!

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Into The Fray

Into The Fray – Thursday, September 10th – Bigfoot-Cibola National Forest, NM

Into the Fray with Shannon LeGro now airing at 1AM Eastern/12AM Central/10PM Pacific, Thursdays on Midnight.FM!

Show Description

iTF 257: Bigfoot-Cibola National Forest, NM

Adam shares his Bigfoot sighting from a Forest Service shelter in New Mexico.   

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