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Wednesday, August 19th – Guest: Calvin Parker

Calvin Parker – The Pascagoula Alien Abduction

Many of us read about it on the front page of our morning newspaper. Some heard about it on the TV news that first day after the incident. In October 1973 in Pascagoula, Mississippi, two men claimed that while fishing in a local river, they were abducted and taken aboard a UFO by three alien creatures. One of those abductees, Calvin Parker, will take us back to that very day and discuss the events as they unfolded.


Calvin Parker classes himself simply as a country boy. He will freely admit that school was not for him. He much preferred riding his bicycle or going fishing rather than sitting in the classroom. Down the years he has had a variety of jobs; from working at Ingalls shipyard, he went on to work on oil rigs, work in construction and several other manual jobs. He moved around the country every time someone (mainly the news media) caught up with him and started asking about his close encounter. It wasn’t until he reached his 60s that he finally put the past behind him and came to terms with what took place in Pascagoula, Mississippi on October 11, 1973. It seems that writing his book has helped put the demons to rest and he can now finally discuss what happened to himself and the late Charles Hickson, and tell others how this incident had effected him all these years.



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