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Monday, August 10th – Guest: Carole J. Obley

Carole J. Obley – Soul to Soul Connections

Soul maps, karmic lessons, Akashic files and wisdom from the spirit world. Carol Obley will discuss how we can transform unfinished business from the past into profound spiritual understanding, and experience true freedom of being. She is also well known for her practical, down-to-earth guidance and insight into life issues, such as relationships, career and finance.


Carole J. Obley, Soulvisions, LLC, has been the bridge between heaven and earth in over 10,000 group and individual readings. She specializes in evidential mediumship and presents compelling, validating facts about deceased loved ones during readings. Carole has been the subject of newspaper articles, spoken on both radio and TV and is the author of four books on mediumship and healing. She has also published articles on spiritual and metaphysical subjects and taught numerous workshops at Lily Dale, New York, the largest U.S. center for Spiritualism. She has produced audio programs to help people with spiritual development and teaches three levels of classes in intuition and mediumship.




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