Wednesday, November 1st – Mike Spent (Hour 1) & Tim Doyle (Hour 2)


A promo image for tonight's show with Mike Spent and Tim Doyle, featuring Amy's real head (not the cartoon) set against the actual Carina Nebula, pictured with purple and pink colorized hues

Tonight we have two great guests; one an old friend (Mike Spent of the LA Punk Scene) and a new acquaintance, Tim Doyle, who will be covering some of the mysteries surrounding the new DeLonge company, targeting a community of UFO believers. Since the latter topic may mention other individuals and hosts, the comments and opinions expressed of the individuals coming together to discuss these topics are their own, and do not necessarily reflect those of Amy, AOTR, or DTRN (though we do find some of the details, shall we say— highly interesting).

A photograph of Mike Spent and the Spent Idols, with a yellow sepia tone, at night

Guest Bio – Mike Spent (Hour 1)

With over three decades of songwriting, recording and live performances, Mike Spent is most known for his band the Spent Idols.  His songs can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and most other leading digital outlets.  Mike was born in San Diego County and started his first band, Spent Idol, in 1978.  By the 1990s his career blossomed in the independent music scene with his revised band, the Spent Idols.
Fast forward to 2016 when Mike hooked up with Loren Molinare, guitar player for the Dogs (Detroit), Little Caesar, and Gilded Lily; Canadian rocker Richard Duguay, best known for his band Personality Crisis and for his platinum record with Guns and Roses, also bass player for Duff McKagan band; the Dogs (Detroit) drummer Tony Matteucci on drums and back up vocals; and DNile, former Spent Idol and Dead Blonde Girlfriend bass player.
Together they wrote and recorded this self-titled CD single Mike Spent Black Belt featuring two songs, I Am A Lion and The Sun Goes Gray.  I Am A Lion is a sing-along anthem written by Richard, Mike, and DNile that brings you back to 1970s London early punk scene when punk still had rock-and-roll.  The Sun Goes Gray birthed from a guitar riff that Loren came up with over thirty-five years ago and entrusted to Mike to develop a song together with Loren and DNile reminiscent of a haunting Yardbirds ballad from the 1960s. Released on SpentCity Unlimited Records
We hope you enjoy this as much as we do.  Come visit us on Facebook and Band Camp.  For booking or more info, email Mike at or call him at (760) 213-7648.

A photograph of Tim Doyle with co-host Tracey, both wearing sunglasses outside on a sunny day
Guest Bio – Tim Doyle (Hour 2)

Tim is a professional drone pilot that’s logged over 1.3 million feet traveled using DJI products and racing quad-copters. He is the lead investigator, cameraman, drone pilot, photographer, editor, and narrator of the hit Youtube series UFO Seekers.
His father worked for Rockwell on the B-1B. His uncle was employed by NASA and worked on Apollo missions. His great uncle was formerly the Head of Naval Reserves and a Rear Admiral in the US Navy. One of Tim’s family members was also a United States Treasury Department Secret Agent who worked under five different Presidents.
While working for a Porsche Road Racing Team based in California, Tim received over 200 hours of professional driver instruction while also honing his mechanic skills. He also spent a short time working for Pirelli of North America on the American LeMans Series. He worked under Italy’s Team Ferrari among others as a Tire Engineer.
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