Discussion – BCIs, Artificial Intelligence, and Infosec

Illustration of Amy wearing cheesy sunglasses

In this special episode of AOTR, Amy discusses the latest news— including Elon Musk’s new Brain-Computer Interface venture, and his fear of artificial intelligence (focusing discussion on history of A.I. and how we define it). During the last hour, she discusses the latest war on privacy and information security.

Other topics we dive into:

  • Has the technological singularity already occurred, augmenting human ingenuity?
  • Current information security statistics
  • Have we just experienced an information security ‘bubble’?
  • Social, economic, and political drivers of malicious cracking and ethical hacking
  • With privacy rights legally on the line again, how might new privacy-oriented ‘mega-ISP’s’ (i.e. – Google), consumers, voters, and the rest of the internet respond?
    • Is attacking consumer privacy rights really the best idea right now, in the current war on political information security?


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