Wednesday, February 15th – Ben Feist (Project Apollo 17)

A photograph of Ben Feist, Founder of Project Apollo 17

Wednesday, February 15th – Ben Feist (Project Apollo 17)

Guest Bio

Ben Feist has been building interactive solutions for over twenty years, starting his career back when CD-ROMs were supposed to replace the book, and kiosks where the future of consumer interaction. As the Web gained dominance Ben grew with it, eager to find new ways to respond to clients’ needs from the simplest sites to full-fidelity experiences.
Ben has had a hand in some of the largest interactive projects in North America and sits on the board of the Compassionate Eye Foundation, but more recently he has been working with NASA to reconstruct the historical record of Apollo 17, the last manned mission to the Moon. He has turned these archival efforts into the interactive web experience at Ben has finally made the ultimate CD-ROM. The site has been recognized at several award shows including the Webby Awards.

On Project Apollo 17 (Ben Feist Blog)

These articles cover a personal project I have undertaken, in association with theĀ Apollo Flight Journal to restore the mission timeline of Apollo 17.

The restoration efforts are based on images of the original mission transcripts which were typewritten in 1972, original mission audio released by NASA via the Internet Archive, television transmissions and on-board 16mm film, and high resolution scans of the 70mm still photography taken by the crew.

My contribution is to both, reconcile all information sources into a digitally reconstructed timeline of mission activities, and build an engaging way for the public to experience the data. The result is the interactive experience at

Once my restoration efforts are completed, will be donated to theĀ NASA History Program Office.