Thursday, November 24th – 9 Hour Thanksgiving Day Marathon

Thursday, November 24th – 9 Hour Thanksgiving Day Marathon

It’s our First Annual AOTR Thanksgiving Day Marathon! We have some fabulous things to give away all day over the next 9 hours. So, stick around and play along!

LIVE SHOW Call In Number: (424) 253-0632 or SKYPE AmyOnTheRadio

Here are the game rules:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. During the live portions of the show, I will speak a secret word on the air. First person to call in with the secret word will receive one of two lovely giveaways:

  • A 3 month subscription to the archives, OR
  • A limited edition AOTR T-Shirt!
  • So if you want to play, listen throughout the day for me to come on LIVE and I will say a word. I’ll open up the lines (424) 253-0632 and Skype AmyOnTheRadio. You’ll be live on the air. It’ll be first come, first serve (Skype and Phone are answered through the same software, in the order they are received). 
  • Of course, if you’ve already called in to claim a giveaway, you’ll have to wait until our next marathon contest to claim another. One giveaway per contestant per household.
  • Rules of the game are subject to change.
  • To claim a shirt: you must live within the US or Canada. For shirts, please provide shirt size and shipping address to We take privacy seriously. Your info is safe with us— we will never sell or even transmit your details to anyone else without authorization. To receive a shirt, you authorize us to submit these details to a 3rd party T-Shirt printer for fulfillment. You will be notified of who the printer will be and given an estimated time to fulfillment after the end of the contest.

  • To claim a subscription: you’ll need to provide an e-mail address and desired username for a 3 month trial subscription. This giveaway is transferable to a friend before the subscription is activated. 

Have fun, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Kurt Henriksen

    I am soon glad I found you, really couldn’t wait till the 1/2 hr news to hear your odd science news. YaaaY!!! Kurt