Amy On The Radio Halloween Special - Ganzfeld Sensory Deprivation Experience promo - October 31st, 2016 - 8:00 PM Central / 9 PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific

Halloween Special – LIVE ‘Ganzfeld’ Sensory Deprivation Experience!

Have you ever experienced something ‘paranormal’?

When someone mentions the term “experiencer” or says, “I know what I saw,” you hear me frequently refer to how my own personal experience with The Ganzfeld Effect brought to life imaginary horrors in my mind on the spot— through a concoction of an active imagination, a love for Lon Chaney Jr’s The Wolfman, and a special fondness for a track on the Alan Parsons Project’s I Robot album.

A feeling of a presence in the room. Something manipulating objects around me. A monster breathing down upon me before the sensation of something sinking its teeth into the front of my neck— an impossibility due to physical numbness left by a neck surgery several years prior. All feelings intense, which could be controlled through adjusting audio levels or simply by removing a light source!  It started with a curiosity, and ended in an understanding of just how well the mind can trick us into believing in a supernatural or alien presence among us.

This Halloween I offer listeners a chance to participate in perhaps the world’s first on-air, mass sensory deprivation experience.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two ping pong balls, sliced in half (no visible stamps or markings)
  • A red light source (I used an iOS app)
  • A pair of headphones to listen to the program
  • Be in a dark room, with minimal external light sources

Suggested Parameters:

Be healthy, sober, well-rested, and well-fed.

Here’s what’ll happen:

For the first ten minutes of the program, I’ll go through a basic introduction with instructions on how to participate. We will broadcast 20 minutes of white noise, followed by about 8 minutes of ambient music created just for the show— after which I’ll open up the lines to hear your calls.

What Should I Experience?

Some people experience nothing. Others however, have reported experiencing visual & auditory hallucinations, felt presences in a room, felt objects manipulated around them, and felt as if they were interacting with things which simply weren’t there. Some people have a positive experience, while others, like myself, have felt frightened. Again— some people experience absolutely nothing! What will happen?

Join us if you DARE!

WHEN: The show begins Monday, October 31st – 8PM Central (9PM Eastern, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific)


If you are a subscriber and choose to participate at another time, please e-mail us if you’d like to share your experiences.

What will you experience? 


I’m not a licensed therapist or physician. Participate at your own risk! The long-term effects of participating in such an activity are unknown. If you have a health condition and/or are concerned about the potential long-term effects of this experience, please consult your physician(s). If you have psychological, spiritual, or philosophical concerns, it is not recommended that you participate in this broadcast. 😉