Friday, June 3rd – Mystery Guests + Open Lines!

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Friday, June 3rd – Mystery Guests + Open Lines!

Amy welcomed on two “mystery guests” for hours 1 and 2, then opened up the lines to listener calls about “tales of the unexplained.”

Show Highlights:

Hour 1 – “73’s” from Bellgab joins the discussion, talking about his journey from losing over a hundred pounds to running marathons, having heart surgery, exercise, and switching majors from engineering to his path toward becoming a Registered Dietitian.

Hour 2 – Steve Barton (aka “Uncle Creepy”) of Dread Central joins the program to discuss his new show, “Brainwaves” which starts Wednesday, June 8th and also airs from 9PM-Midnight Pacific on Deep Talk Radio Network. We decide to take calls. Steve gives us a taste of what’s to come with his forthcoming show.

Hour 3 – “Wolfman Mike” calls to serenade us. We get a call from a distressed individual about lights in a cemetery. Derek suggests discussing the Mandela Effect. The lines ring off the hook with stories about tricks of the mind, perceptions of déja-vu, and false memories.

One caller describes having a disturbing false memory about a friend who died in a plane crash, which seemed to happened in-time over 6 years later. Kevin talks about his strange experiences in Rome, and becoming more skeptical over time through listening to this program.

“Gravity Sucks” calls to describe the Mandela Effect with popular misquoted Bible verses (i.e. – “The lion shall lay with the lamb”). Lou calls to extend the conversation about Biblical sources. We discuss some suggested history behind the evolution of Biblical texts including the Ecumenical Council of Nicene, Marcionism, the controversy over authorship of the letters of Paul, and myths about Biblical numerology, as well as Zoroastrian and Gnostic influences.

Links to Documentaries suggested by Lou:

PBS Frontline Documentary: From Jesus to Christ – The First Christians

PBS Nova: The Bible’s Buried Secrets

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