Tuesday, May 17th – Steve Barton (Dread Central)

Steve Barton - aka "Uncle Creepy" (Dread Central)

Steve Barton is Editor-in-Chief and Co-Creator of Dread Central.

Guest Bio – Steve Barton (Dread Central)

For as long as he can remember, Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton’s life has been akin to riding the world’s most dangerous roller coaster non-stop through the most haunted amusement park on Earth. From the dysfunctional chaos of his formative years and losing it all time and time again, Barton has managed to transcend every odd and become a leader in his field.

A life-long horror fan since the age of three, Steve broke into the business by working for Fangoria as their message board moderator. “It was a chance to interact with people just like me,” says Creepy. “Horror fans have long been frowned upon. I wanted to help create a place, a gathering point, which they could call home, free of judgment.” And so he did.

His tenure with Fango lasted nearly two years until he was afforded the opportunity to expand his creative muscles by working with The Horror Channel as both a professional and a personality. From there he took the next step, free of all corporate entities, and struck out on his own with his team in tow to form one of the industry’s largest and most well respected websites, DreadCentral.com.

Now a film producer, a published author, a tastemaker and accredited critic with well over two hundred written reviews under his belt, a respected historian, and a sometimes actor, Steve shows no sign of slowing down and continues to carve out a name for himself despite the ups and downs that all roller coasters bring.

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