Thursday, May 12th – Richard David Smith III

Richard David Smith III in front of his mic.

Thursday, May 12th – Richard David Smith III (RDS3)

Guest Bio

Richard David Smith III describes himself as a writer, lab rat, and purveyor of fine energy drinks.

For over a decade as journalist, he has written for regional alt-weekly magazines on topics ranging from comedy to politics to the paranormal, including a short stint composing copy for Art Bell’s Dark Matter News Network. His resumé also includes interviewing and writing comedy reviews for the likes of Wanda Sykes and Paul Reiser.

Because he has always used his full name including the suffix in his byline to distinguish himself from other journalists with the same name, his colleagues in the publishing industry began calling him “RDS3” for short and it stuck. When not busy battling the blank page, RDS3 has worked various laboratory jobs in both the biological and environmental sciences.

The combination of these professional experiences recently culminated as he, along with his wife Shethy (pronounced sha’thigh), created and trademarked HyperFizzics brand energy drink, billed as the Energy Elixir & Brain Booster “for the nerd in you.”

Also along with his wife, RDS3 is the co-creator of two sons: four-year-old Rex Justiss and two-year-old Joseph Mallett Bell.

Topics of Discussion

Richard will be discussing his recent expedition from coast to coast across the United States, his experiences of high strangeness in Vegas, his subsequent near death experience on the road which landed him into a coma, and his epic journey to Seattle with his wife and two sons.

We’ll also be discussing his career as a writer and adventures as a mad scientist.

A can of RDS3's Hyperfizzics

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