Friday, May 6th – Open Lines!

Fridays are open lines!


Is it Friday already? Time for Open Lines!

Call into the show, (424) 253-0632 or on Skype, find amyontheradio (all one word).

We’ll be answering questions through the Satellite (Subscriber’s priority transmission area) as well as following #AmyTalk on Twitter. We may even dip into comments from Bellgab!

Guidelines for the Show (Fridays Only)

  • No drink maximum, however, please drink responsibly.
  • Preferred method of calling into the show is Skype with some sort of headset. If no headset, get really close to the mic at the top of your screen. If using a smartphone, you may have to pull the mic slightly away from your face to reduce overdriven vocals.
  • Please turn off your listening devices. The other listeners will hear an echo if you call in, and we may ask you to call back.
  • If a topic is defined for open lines, we prefer you to stay on topic. Additional Skype lines may be opened up for various topics.
  • Be respectful and courteous refraining from salty language as much as possible. You never know who may be listening!
  • Once your comment or question seems to have been addressed, we will drop your call so you can go back to listening (no hard feelings).
  • The one major rule we will adhere to on this program is that we do not discuss other shows or show hosts on this show.┬á
  • If you have something ugly to say, you will be booted without warning—plain and simple. Again, no hard feelings.
  • Please be mindful of your own security. We have no 7 second delay to beep out your last name or anything you may not want to have broadcast to the world on live radio.
  • We are in no way responsible for the dialogue of our callers. Comments and opinions expressed are of the individuals who choose to participate with the show and do not necessarily represent those of the show, host, advertisers, or the network. If you’re offended, we recommend simply disconnecting┬áthis broadcast.

For giggles, if for some reason the calls are slow, you may be entertained by the reading of public domain classics tonight, starting with select short stories from Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination. If you’d like to hear me read something from the public domain, I’ll be taking requests via Twitter, the Satellite, and e-mail (