Tornado On The Radio – Show Will Start May 5th

image of a small tornado perusing the great plains

Good evening followers,

Last night as I was following threat of severe storms, the local weather guy gave a 6 minute warning for tornado-producing weather headed toward the direction of the neighborhood. I threw some pillows down in the hallway. I’d lived in the area for almost a decade and saw nothing more than hail, but didn’t expect what would happen moments later.

Standing between hall and kitchen, I watched the sky turn black. A sudden booming sound followed by arcs, sparks, and a whirlwind of dust and debris hit the back of the house. It was both beautiful and jarring. Seconds later, huddled with dogs in the back of the hall, I was ready for the worst. A live wire was down in the yard with more explosions to come. Five minutes following, an earthquake rattled as I sat on the phone for another forty minutes to the power company. I was without a data connection and had no way to tell if more storms were en-route.
Once one had been re-established, I’d learn that a category EF0-EF1 tornado had touched down briefly in the backyard.

Power was not returned until midday; internet is still out, with estimates putting us in the beginning of next week.
I made every effort to test mobile options for the broadcast, but it would result in something I feel in starting this show would resonate as sub-par; not just on a technical level, but the Amy you’d hear is a tired and very exhausted one.

After talking with guests, my network, friends, and family, I’ve decided to put the show on hold until next Thursday.

Same time (8PM-11PM Central) but with an official start date of May 5th. This gives me a week to put my disheveled house back together, rest, and come back with a fresh face ready to go.

I thank everyone for your patience, enthusiasm and support. (I especially thank all of the early subscribers to this venture.) Will keep posting show updates via Twitter.

All My Best,


PS – The hashtag we will be using for discussions during the show will be #AmyTalk. Again, that’s THURSDAY MAY 5th, running from 8PM-11PM Central exclusively on Deep Talk Radio Network!